* The first rule of Breakfast Fight Club is:

         You tell everyone about The Breakfast Fight Club!

- About-

Play as a muffin in the twin-stick shooter 'The Breakfast Fight Club'. Survive against waves of enemies as they attack you from all directions by grabbing dubious jam for a mixture of results.

- Controls -

You can play with keyboard and mouse or a controller!

WASD / Left Stick to Move

Mouse / Right Stick to Aim

R / Left Action Button to reload

P / Start to Pause

- Buffs -



Big Bullet

Cluster Bomb

Rapid Fire

- Debuffs -

Enemy Speed Up (when hit)


Inverse Controls

Knockback Up

Zigzag Bullets

Aim to Move

- - -

Made as a part of the GMTK 2020 Gamejam.


The Breakfast Fight Club (Windows).zip 117 MB


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This game was really fun, and the jams messing with my controls was a great twist! I was a little confused by the fruit loops and toasts, since they didn't seem to do any damage to the player. This was a blast, and I'm gonna tell everyone about The Breakfast Fight Club! >:)

Great art. When I hit level 3 in the browser version. Enemies stopped spawning and I was endlessly wandering the map.

I thought that too but there is actually enemies around hidden behind saltshakers and bowls.

Wow! The Jams (no pun intended) giving you backwards controls or knock-backs and speed slowing really spins the power-up idea on its head!The characters are adorable and the music is catchy!